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The hCG Diet Calculator

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You can use an hCG calculator to measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) when you are taking the hCG hormone and following the hCG diet to help lose unnecessary weight. An hCG calculator is also any calculator which is able to help you with your weight and food portions. Such

An overview of hcg Diet and its Pros and Cons

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Loosing weight is the most demanding issue in the society. There are numerous supplements and diet charts available in the market that claims to lose weight quickly. One of the recent advanced ways of loosing weight is HCG drops. However, it is safe to take hcg drops for loosing up

Is the Hcg Diet Really An Effective Way to Lose Weight?

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Lately, there’s been a pretty big craze around the HCG diet. HCG refers to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. Until recently, it used to be one of the many ordinary hormones produced in human body, specifically in females during pregnancy. However, HCG diet suddenly grabs the spotlight when the doctors found

Debunking Those HCG Diet Myths: Bona Fide Or Bogus?

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The HCG diet has caused varying degrees of both speculation and admiration. For the enthusiasts of HCG diet drops, this diet works like a miracle. Yet on the other hand, there are a plethora of skeptics who question the validity of the diet. Whether true or false, there are a

Personal Experience With HCG Diet and HCG Drops. Here to Help You Succeed!

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If you’re doing the HCG Diet and using the HCG Drops and finding it more difficult than you anticipated, you’re not the only one. Everyone who does the HCG Drops Diet hits a weight loss wall or bad day at some point. You’ve got to decide if you’re going to

How To Write An Introduction Paragraph For A Comparison Custom Essay

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HCG Diet Direct: Your Very Own HCG Diet Planner

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HCG…it’s a household word after its discovery by the general public. If you haven’t tried it you know someone who has and its difficult to forget the kind of weight loss results it offers. 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per day for the average dieter is basically unheard

Survive On A Five Hundred Calorie Diet: HCG Diet Recipes To Try

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For a regular person, daily calorie intake hits anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 calories per day, depending on a person’s daily physical activity. Now envision this: what if somebody’s calorie intake was reduced from 2,500 calories a day to 500 calories a day? That seems impossible; that’s the equivalent to

How The HCG Diet Works

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Losing weight is easy for some people but mostly hard for others. There have been a variety of diets that were introduced to the market and each of them have had their own following. One of those various diets include the HCG Diet. Furthermore, those who agree that a great

Approved HCG Diet Menu

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It’s one of the most commonly asked questions referencing the HCG diet. What is an appropriate HCG diet menu? Menus that are used to stick to the HCG diet vary. But not very much really. The approved food list is quite short so the HCG diet menu is pretty limited.

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