The HCG diet has caused varying degrees of both speculation and admiration. For the enthusiasts of HCG diet drops, this diet works like a miracle. Yet on the other hand, there are a plethora of skeptics who question the validity of the diet. Whether true or false, there are a lot of myths that can easily be debunked regarding the HCG regime. Let’s take a minute to examine one prevalent HCG myth. Many HCG dieters believe that after they’ve completed the HCG regime and lost their desired amounts of weight, they can go back to eating whatever they want. Not true! After finishing the HCG regime, it’s critical to continue practicing well-maintained eating habits. Otherwise, the weight will come right back, and your efforts will be for nothing.

There’s more than one myth about the HCG diet that needs to be proven false. Many people using the HCG diet drops have an abnormal fear of drinking water; they believe that excess water may cause them to become bloated. The HCG regime will in no way cause a dieter to retain water (and therefore gain weight); on the contrary, drinking water is encouraged while on the diet. The HCG regime recommends drinking at least two liters of water per day, in addition to the other allotted liquids on the diet. The body is more likely to retain water when water intake falls below the average amount that a person requires on a daily basis. So don’t let this myth fool you – drink plenty of water while taking HCG!

A popular dieting myth is the myth of eating late at night. Many people believe that while on the HCG diet, eating late at night will increase their chances of gaining weight. This is completely untrue. Anyone taking daily doses of the HCG diet drops will only gain weight if they exceed their allotted calorie intake. By eating several times per day, rather that all at once, your metabolism will increase, and you’ll lose more weight. So what’s the best solution to this problem? Eat three or four small meals per day, and stay active (walking, hiking, etc). By doing this, you’ll ensure that you not only lose weight, but that you keep it off, too.

For any normal person, taking vitamins is a part of daily routine. So while participating on the HCG diet, shouldn’t this be true, as well? Yes and no. Although it might make sense to supplement the HCG diet drops with extra vitamins, the diet drops already include most of the supplements your body needs. Most nutritionists recommend that you continue to take your regular dose of vitamins – and nothing more. Because of the way the HCG meals are planned, your body will be receiving a large amount of beneficial nutrients. So don’t worry about buying those vitamins in bulk – you’re in good hands.

Although there is a phase during the HCG diet where dieters can splurge, for most of the HCG regime the dieter is restricted to a 500 calorie diet. There are many myths circulating on the web that HCG dieters can eat whatever they want, whenever they want. This myth dictates that dieters can just simply eat whenever they’re hungry – this couldn’t be farther from the truth! For those taking the HCG diet drops, it is essential that dieters don’t exceed their daily calorie limit. In addition to this, the HCG guidelines discourage dieters from splurging all of their calories on one meal, because this can over-stimulate the hypothalamus gland, and throw your metabolism out of control. So just stick to small meals throughout the day, and never exceed your allotted calorie intake.

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Dr. Oz on the Hcg Diet.

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