I have personally benefited from the valuable effects of the HCG liquid diet, but there is one important thing to remember as you get ready to start your diet. Realize that to start a successful HCG diet you need to have a plan that includes 2 days of totally gorging on what ever you can get your hands on especially fat foods that are high in calories. I know this goes against any diet you started before but it works and it preps your body to start releasing huge amounts of fat.

Consider this analogy. Our body has lots of little garages to store fat and for the most part these garages open and close their doors regularly to let the fat we eat in and out. As we start to eat more fat then these garages can hold our body sends a message to close the garage doors and build more garages to store the additional fat. This is how we all get our fatty tummies, wave good by to grandma fat arms, thunder thighs and hips.

During the 70’s Dr Simeon developed a unique way to use HCG for medical weight loss. When he used the HCG formula he found that his patients lost more weight on a regular base. The HCG induced a sequence of cellular release allowing more stored body fat to be released when used with HCG injections or liquid. This medical discovery has proven to be a bug success with men and women who were grossly overweight and those who needed to lose a few extra pounds. With the HCG diet fat cells released more fat than normal allowing patients of Dr. Simeon to lose 1 to 2 pounds a day by adhering to the strict diet of 500 calories a day and only eating specific foods and lots of tea or water.

Part of the HCG diet plan also includes 2 days of fat loading, binge eating, to overload the body’s fat reserves in preparation to jump start your metabolism. By doing this your body starts to store up more and more fat into the little garages. Your body then reacts by burning as much of the fat intake as possible. Coupled with the pre meal HCG diet liquid drops your body is now in maximum fat burn capacity.

By loading up with high fatty foods during the first 2 days of your HCG diet you will see a grater fat lose in the first week. The first and second week of 500 calories will also be easier on the stomach too. Not as much hunger pain.

To maximize your fatty food days you can eat anything you like just as long as it is made with a lot of fat. This could include a gallon of full butter chocolate ice cream or 50/50 cream on every bowl of cereal for 2 days. What ever you do just make sure you eat lots of fatty foods. Make sure to get your fill during these 2 days, it will be a few months before you can think about even touching this stuff again. Once you get to that third day you only have 500 calories to eat and that’s not a lot when you have normally eaten 3000 plus calories a day.

Back in the 1970’s Dr. Simeon helped many overweight people lose 1 to several pounds per day. The HCG diet of 2009 can do the same for you, I know this personally. Stick to the diet plan and don’t vary. The food you eat should be simple yet help you maintain a strict calorie count of only 500 calories per day. Many dieters have used tea to help out in the morning. I found that drinking tea in the morning and mid afternoon helps but if I drink it past 3 or 4 in the afternoon I am up all night. This also depends on the kind of tea you drink.

How ever you decide to use your HCG diet fat loading days you will want to eat all the fatty foods you can. Your body will be better prepared for day 3 and your cells will start to release more and more fat as your metabolism starts to change. Your first two weeks of a 500 calorie diet will also be easier with less hunger pains. Make sure and only eat the foods found in your HCG diet book. If you follow all of these easy rules you will notice that you can lose up to 2 pounds per day and you will lose inches off your waist, hips, stomach and arms. In a month you will see the new you. This was enough to help me keep it off and feeling better than I have in 20 years.

Chad Hassell is the author of this HCG diet article. He has been a dieter who is an expert in dealing with liquid HCG . To find out more about HCG and the benefits of using it in your diet program check out his blog.

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