A program for losing weight, the Hcg diet Australia combines injections or drops of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) with calorie restrictions. This diet can be taken in the form of drops or injections. The HCG Diet side effects include headaches, irritability, bloating and stomach discomfort. In cases that are rare, ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome conditions are caused. This results in enlarged ovaries adn symptoms that are similar to pregnancy such as vomiting, weight gain and abdominal distention.

Hcg Drops

You can take Hcg in the form of drops. Diet drops make up a portion of the program for weight loss which promises to help dieters lose weight. Depending on how much you weight, you can take the appropriate number of drops. For example, for people who weight between two hundred and two hundred-fifty pounds, taking 12 drops 3 times daily is recommended. If your weight is above 250 pounds, you need to take fifteen drops 3 times a day. This product claims to affect the part of the brain called the hypothalamus which affects metabolism and regulates body functions. When used with a diet that has low calories, drops of HCG also trigger the body’s stored fat, reset the metabolic rate and reduce hunger. This change of metabolism helps dieters keep off weight for the long run.

Hcg Injections

You can also take Hcg in the form of injections. Reportedly, injections of HCG eliminate fat from the buttocks, thighs, upper arms, hips and shoulders, letting people lose weight rapidly while targeting trouble areas. On the diet, some people are able to lose up to five pounds each week. Based on the research conducted by founder A.T.W.Simeons M.D. on obesity, the HCG diet believes that the hormone HCG which pregnant women produce, assist people who are obese to rapidly lose weight. This research reveals that HCG in small quantities release fat that is stored into the blood stream.

Hcg Diet Plans

Until the person reaches their goal for weight loss, the HCG diet needs to keep going on. On the average, dieters use the HCG diet for 2-3 months. Many people on this diet are unable to remain on the regimen for over 3 months due to the strict restrictions of diet. Hcg diet plans requires dieters to eat five hundred calories daily and get a daily HCG injection. There is also a strict daily diet to follow. Breakfast on this diet should only consist of any quantity of coffee or tea flavored with one teaspoon of milk. Both dinner and lunch should only consist of 1 small, raw fruit, 1 bread stick, 1 type of non-starchy vegetable and a hundred grams of lean meat. There are no permitted snacks.

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