By now, many people have heard of the HCG diet, but few people have heard of the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Well, the HCG diet is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone – surprise! Very few people actually know where their HCG diet drops come from, and why they’re so effective. Many of the HCG side effects have been discussed in length by HCG fanatics, but few people know how the diet started. The HCG diet started with Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, who first noticed the remarkable weight loss opportunities of the HCG hormone. The HCG hormone is produced in pregnant women, and releases stored fat that is otherwise inaccessible. This stored fat is transferred into energy for the pregnant women – and actually makes the woman lose weight, not gain it (in contrary to popular belief). With this quality in mind, weight loss hopefuls everywhere are using HCG’s remarkable, almost magical quality to get rid of stubborn fat that exercise just won’t remove. Yet it’s important that HCG dieters know the difference between HCG drops and injections, which can be a matter of life or death. The only safe form of HCG is through homeopathic drops; injections have scary side effects that can be life threatening.

A large source of confusion surrounding the HCG diet stems from the difference between HCG diet drops and HCG injections. This is a legitimate argument. Many of the HCG side effects can be traced back to HCG injections, which have been known to cause considerably dangerous side effects. Additionally, HCG injections and HCG diet drops produce the exact same results; HCG injections don’t work better than drops, although logic would say otherwise. Both forms of HCG shed one pound of fat per day; the only difference is that HCG drops are homeopathic and much safer than injections. Injections have produced documented side effects, which range from mild to severe. To be completely safe, always purchase HCG homeopathic drops from a trusted provider, and stay away from HCG shots that promise faster results.

Although initially the HCG diet system may seem high, it’s quite inexpensive compared to similar diet programs. The HCG diet drops are not only cheaper than similar diets, but they’re just as effective – if not more effective. There are positive HCG side effects that occur with use of the homeopathic drops, such as increased metabolism, decreased appetite, and rapid weight loss. The last time I dieted, I remember being cranky and sluggish for days. The fascinating part of HCG is that it won’t make you cranky. On the contrary, HCG boosts your metabolism while curbing your hunger, so you feel as though your body has been eating a regular amount of food all day. Other appetite suppressants on the market do neither of these things, and ultimately only make the dieter crabbier and lazier. The HCG drops allow the dieter to survive on a meager 500 calories a day without completely losing their mind. The HCG hormone converts stored fat into energy; so HCG users are both losing fat and retaining a high metabolism at the same time.

HCG has a little known secret, or perhaps more aptly named, has little known benefits. Aside from being a spectacular weight loss hormone, HCG diet drops can strengthen the body’s immune system while increasing a person’s mental focus through means of nourishing the nervous system. There is an overwhelming amount of positive HCG side effects that the public rarely hears about. In addition to increased metabolism, HCG drops have been linked to the ability to prevent conditions like gout, asthma, breast cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. On an aesthetic level, HCG hormone drops fight signs of aging like wrinkles, scars caused by acne, and difficult dark spots. Studies have linked HCG drops’ metabolism qualities with the ability to rejuvenate skin in a natural, non-chemical way. There are several positive side effects to HCG besides just rapid weight loss, which makes HCG a hormone worth considering for a number of reasons.

Although the HCG diet is extremely effective, there are necessary cautions that much be displayed while taking the HCG diet drops. Like any hormone that’s used for alternate purposes, the instructions for HCG must be followed to prohibit unwanted side effects. Negative HCG side effects can stem from users who break the HCG rules and indulge in junk food (the chemicals in junk food actually work against the HCG hormone, and render the HCG hormone inactive). Also, HCG users should cease smoking altogether during the diet (which will hopefully establish a long term habit of not smoking), and should make an effort to get enough sleep every night. HCG users should stay away from heavy, prolonged exercise (although moderate exercise is encouraged) and should try to stay as close as possible to the 500 calorie regime, as outlined by the HCG diet guidelines. If HCG users follow these protocols, there should be no negative side effects.

Read more about HCG diet drops. Stop by this HCG site where you can find out all about the advantageous HCG side effects and what they can do for your health.

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