HCG 1234

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HCG is the latest weight loss trend and it is very effective for fast, natural weight loss.  HCG 1234 is a rapidly absorbed liquid form of HCG, and with its low pricing and higher caloric allowances, it might be the best liquid HCG on the market.

An all-natural hormone that occurs in pregnancy, HCG tricks the hypothalamus into using the body’s stored fat reserves while controlling the appetite. The result is an even all over fat loss; HCG stops weight gain at the source and corrects the reasons for it such as overeating, intense hunger pains, emotional or stress related binge eating, and even low metabolism. Popularly used in the 1950’s through the 1960’s, HCG has resurfaced as the safest and most effective way to lose weight rapidly and effortlessly.

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Liquid HCG is the best formulation of HCG; given as easy to use drops under the tongue, this form of HCG is rapidly absorbed to be used by the body faster than a pill or powder. HCG 1234 is the most inexpensive and effective liquid form of HCG available today.

Followers of HCG diets become frustrated by the stringent 500 calorie per day requirements of an HCG diet program, but HCG 1234 is different.  Allowing dieters to choose a plan of 1200 calories per day, the company promises that you will get the results you want if you stick with the full program. Other HCG drops promise weight losses of 1 to 2 pounds or nearly 3000 to 4000 calories of body fat burned daily, but only if you limit caloric intake to 500 per day.  HCG 1234’s program offers safer, steadier and more efficient weight loss with no wild assurances of losing several pounds per day. This unique HCG formulation has additional vitamins and herbal supplements to help you maintain energy and drive while on a lower calorie diet.  The programplaces less stress on exercise during weight loss due to the lower caloric intake and encourages nothing more than yoga, walking or aerobics. 





While HCG 1234 is similar to other HCG products on the market today, it is less expensive and more appealing due to its less strict caloric intake than any of its competitors. Take a look at our checks of approval:

hcg-1234 100% Money Back Guaranteed
hcg-1234 FREE domestic shipping
hcg-1234 NO prescription
hcg-1234 hCG drops are placed under the tongue so no shots required
hcg-1234 Made in the U.S.A.from FDA inspected and GMP approved facilities

hcg-1234 Most efficient and safe product in the market
hcg-1234 Start losing 1 to 2 pounds everyday
Unlimited support, well trained staff
hcg-1234 All orders include instructions, recipes, progress charts

HCG 1234 offers a complete program for its customers that includes an easy to follow guide with diet tips, menu options, food choices and more for successful weight loss. The program also offers friendly and professional customer support through emails or a toll-free telephone callto a waiting team of professionals for any questions you may have while using the HCG 1234 system.

hCG 1234™ Testimonials

Disclaimer: We have changed or removed names to protect the identities of our customers.

From: B
To: hCG 1234™
Subject: Testimonial 

I began the drops on 9/4/11. I could not believe it. My initial weight was 266. On Sunday, 9/11/11 I was 254..I lost 12 pounds the first week. I am so motivated. Being the child of two and 33 there is no way I am going to stop now. I did get a few headaches at the beginning as my body got used to it. They are gone now. I have tried many of the recipes and they are really good. I'm now buying condiments I never ever had heard of before. I have also learned to begin cooking with lemon juice and vegetable and chicken broth which I have never in life done. I am so grateful I ran into my co-workers husband who told me about this program. My goal is to get to under 200. It's ambitious but I am so determined. Thanks hcg1234.com!! 

From: FW
To: hCG 1234™
Subject: Success!! 

Hi guys,
I'm a male, 5'9" starting weight was 275lb. Followed your diet exactly and experienced weight loss, immediatly. As of today, 3 month using your product according to your plan, 6 weeks on 3 weeks off, and 6 weeks back on, my total weight loss has been 51lb. 
My blood pressure has gone down by from 145 95 90 pulse to 113 72 64 as an average. I'm feeling awesome, everybody notices my weight loss and are at AHHH… 
The product is amazing and easy to follow. Little exercising, mostly walking on the treadmill. Thank you guys for letting me rediscover life, once again. Ohhh what a difference. 

From: VK
To: hCG 1234™
Subject: hCG Testimonial 

woo hoo !! I dropped below 170 today !! I am @ 169 !!! 9 more lbs to go and I have reached my goal !!!!!! I am 5'10 so 160 sounds good, I am in a size 12 now which was my goal… I may go for a size 10 now….. I love hCG !! 

From: PA
To: hCG 1234™
Subject: hCG Testimonial 

My wife Linda and I are in our 6th week of phase 1 to date I have lost 30lbs and Linda 24lbs at the end of the week we go off the drops for 3 wks then start again-it's working really well. 

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HCG 1234 offers more choices in quantity than other HCG products. A 15 day supply of HCG 1234 is only $59.95.  A 45 day supply is $179.85 and a 75 day supply of HCG 1234 is only $299.95.

Latest Special Offers & Discounts:
Order 6 bottles for just $129.00 and SAVE over $230.70
Click Here to visit HCG 1234 Drop's Official website

A fullthirty day money back guarantee is offered by HCG 1234, making it the risk free way to lose weight using HCG drops.

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