The HCG diet is quickly becoming one of the most talked about diets. With just five hundred calories a day, the HCG hormone allows people to lose between one and three pounds a day! Because of its incredible effectiveness, there are tons of HCG diet recipes popping up all over the internet, and there have even been several books written on HCG recipes. Although the HCG diet may have a strict list of foods that are allowed, that doesn’t mean that meals have to be boring or unsavory. In most cases, it’s pretty hard to tell that a meal was cooked with HCG approved foods! The HCG diet may be a big adjustment at first, but as soon as a dieter gets into the swing of things, they’ll be so pleased with their weight loss that they won’t even notice what they are/aren’t allowed to eat. So if you’re considering doing the HCG diet but are worried about the strict food protocol, don’t fret – the approved food list for HCG is pretty vast!

It’s been said that the best way to start your day is with a good breakfast. This is true, but unfortunately there aren’t a lot of HCG recipes for breakfast that are nutrient packed. The approved breakfast items for the HCG diet are: unlimited amounts of coffee and tea, with the option of one tablespoon of milk (one tablespoon of milk per day is allowed). This makes it a little difficult to create HCG diet recipes for breakfast, doesn’t it? Don’t let this scare you off. The HCG hormone suppresses your appetite while providing your body with energy from fat reserves. You’re not going to feel overwhelmingly tired with this insignificant breakfast, although it may be a bit of a change or shock in the beginning, especially if you’re used to eating a large breakfast. HCG controls the hypothalamus gland in your brain, which affects the release of energy in the body. In a nutshell, the HCG hormone has got your appetite under control, and there’s no need to worry. But I’d definitely find some tea or coffee that you like, because chances are, you’ll be drinking quite a bit of it.

Any complete lunch or dinner meal should include meat, vegetables, carbohydrates, and fruit. Well, if you’re on the HCG diet of five hundred calories a day, there is no way HCG recipes can include all these things, right? Wrong! The HCG diet recipes offered through community forums and newsletters have so many lunch and dinner recipes that a book has been compiled! The HCG diet allows one hundred grams of meat with the fat trimmed off (chicken breast, beef, fresh shrimp, veal, and fresh lobster just to name a few!), as well as your choice of one of the HCG approved vegetables. The meat portion of the HCG diet can be either broiled or grilled (no oil is allowed – but coffee mixed with a little bit of water is a fantastic, natural way to tenderize and retain the meat’s moisture). Just steer clear of eel, Salmon, and dried fish, because they aren’t allowed, and can undo prior diet efforts.

Lunch vegetables for HCG diet recipes are fairly diverse, allowing the dieter to select from spinach, beet-greens, green salad, celery, onions, red radishes, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, and chard. If you’re a vegetarian, this is fantastic news. The variety of vegetables makes the possibilities endless for HCG recipes; however, only one type of vegetable can be chosen per meal (allowing the dieter to mix and match per meal). But here’s some good news – one breadstick is allowed (or one piece of Melba toast – and who doesn’t love toast?) and one apple which can be substituted for a handful of sliced strawberries or half of a grapefruit. If you’re a vegetarian, by now you’re practically hitting the ceiling with your excitement. Now consider the possibilities: chicken grilled with onions and strawberries on the side. That doesn’t sound terrible, does it? No one would even know this was an HCG meal unless they were told!

The HCG diet recipes for both lunch and dinner are the same, which allows for even more variety between meats, veggies, and fruits. By alternating different HCG recipes, dieters won’t get bored or burned out from eating the same thing every day (which happens with a lot of other diets). There are so many combination possibilities with the HCG diet that it’s impossible to run out of ideas. Planning meals can become a creative outlet, and even a pleasurable activity that teaches dieters how to eat correctly and proportionately. These eating habits, which hopefully will become engrained in the dieter’s mind, will help the dieter permanently keep weight off, even after they finish the HCG diet. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or a fish and vegetable lover, there are numerous recipes for you. In fact, there might actually be a few more vegan and vegetarian recipes out there than there are recipes with meat! It’s fairly amazing how much can be done with just five hundred calories per day. If you’ve been considering the HCG diet, treat yourself to a few of the recipes beforehand. After one bite, you’ll be convinced. The HCG diet doesn’t mean eating stale, repetitive food; it means variety, nutrients, and good eating habits for life.

Learn more about HCG diet recipes. Stop by this HCG site where you can find out all about HCG recipes and how they can help you lose unwanted weight!

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hcg diet
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