Lately, there’s been a pretty big craze around the HCG diet.

HCG refers to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. Until recently, it used to be one of the many ordinary hormones produced in human body, specifically in females during pregnancy.

However, HCG diet suddenly grabs the spotlight when the doctors found that HCG diet can be very effective in promoting weight loss in overweight men and women. Since then there have been numerous diets and diet plans that are designed by keeping HCG diet as the foundation of each.

Some of them are really genuine and provide the results, but the others have just jumped into this bandwagon of HCG to cash on the opportunity.

How HCG Diet works? As we all know that when we perform any activity or even when we are at rest, we constantly need energy for our survival. Now our body has different pathways to get this energy and the most preferred way to get the energy is from the food, carbohydrates we eat.

And if the food is not available; our body would look at other options namely; glycogen in our muscles etc and if it doesn’t get anything else, then the last option it uses and it is the fat from our body.

Once our body starts using this fat for its energy requirements, the fat from our body starts melting away and as a result we can get ripped and shredded physique.

This theory is the basis of dieting and all the diet plans such as Atkins diet plan where we forcibly make our body use the fat as the energy source, by not consuming any carbohydrates.

However HCG diet turns the whole game upside down. Here the dieter doesn’t need to starve himself to death to get the desired results but he can eat whatever he wants albeit with some restrictions.

All he has to take is HCG diet drops and get around 500 calories from the food and this strategy would make the body use fat from the body as the energy source rather than from the consumed food.

Yes, HCG diet really sounds like a breakthrough and it’s definitely going to change the way we see diet plans. How HCG Diet can help you in attaining your fat burning goals?

Although we have been full of energy and enthusiasm whenever we are going to start a diet or training program, but soon it goes out of the window when we reach the plateau or in other words, when we stop getting the results.

In context to fat burning that often happens when it comes to the stubborn fat that just keep on refusing to go away, no matter how much we try.

As of now, studies are too few to determine the complete workability of HCG diet drops. However, from the results and the speed with which they are showing up, HCG diet is really impressive and looks promising.

Now who doesn’t want to turn that terrible looking waist tire into smashing six pack abs?

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