The first thing to do, after deciding to go on the HCG Diet, is to determine which type of HCG to buy injectable or oral hCG Drops?

The HCG diet protocol, developed by Dr. Simeons over 35 years, is the same for injectable or oral HCG. But one thing has changed. Thanks to advances in technology you can chose between injections of the hormone or you can buy oral HCG drops. Oral HCG is also known as homeopathic HCG. It is not pure HCG, but it is just as effective at weight loss a pure HCG is. No longer does one have to inject a needle into their stomach or butt (ouch!) to take the HCG. Oral HCG is simply taken with a dropper under the tongue; no needles are needed!

Many have wondered if the Oral hCG Drops are as effective as the injectale hCG. It has been stated that a small highly concentrated dose of minerals, vitamins and hormones can be just as effective as the regular injections. Many in practice have reported that their clients that are taking the Oral hCG Drops are having similar or more enegery and feel fuller those those on the hCG injectables. They have also reported that they are losing just as much weight by taking the Oral hCG Drops.

Oral HCG drops can be ordered online without a prescription (no doctors visit required) and it can be easily shipped to your home across the country because it has alcohol in it, which helps to keep it preserved when shipping. The small amount of alcohol in the oral HCG drops does nothing to adversely affect the diet.

You will want to make sure you know as much as you possibly can about the hCG diet before purchasing hCG. Following the hCG diet protocol properly is essential to losing weight. By doing your research, you can enjoy a healthy body, and keep yourself safe while maximizing your chance of success on the weight loss program.

The HCG diet is not for everybody; if you are not truly dedicated to losing weight and actually getting healthy, then you may want to consider a different weight loss avenue.

If you feel that you understand how oral hCG may benefit you, you can obtain it without the limitations of the injectable version of the hormone. You may see the same benefits with the same speed as the injectable hCG, but at much lower cost if you opt for oral hCG. Get a head start on a thinner, healthier you, and give it a try today!

Want to find out more about Oral HCG Drops, then visit the HCG Drop website on how to choose the best HCG Diet for your needs.

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