The increase in popularity of the hCG weigh loss program results in an increase in the number of hCG clinics. It may even be possible to find one in your city if you perform a google search for an hCG clinic. If you do not, it is only a matter of time before one opens. The hCG clinics are actually opening up at a faster rate than what google can keep track of.

Why should you visit an hCG clinic? This is because hCG clinics can help you lose weight under supervision while following the hCG protocol developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Most of the clinics provide hCG injections or use oral drops that contain the synthetic version of the hCG hormone. In a hCG clinic, you will be able to get personal guidance which will track your diet and weight. Hence, if you are encountering any health problems, it will bring them to your attention.

The hCG weight loss program comprises of taking injections, oral drops, or pills that contain the hCG hormone and at the same time follow a strict 500 calories diet plan. You are able to buy hCG injection kits online. However, you may experience pain and bruising if you are unsure on how to give yourself injections. You will be able to prevent these by asking a professional to give you the injections. On the other hand, you will be able to take the hCG pills or place the oral drops under your tongue easily. However, you may require help on the amount you need to take.

The most important benefit in visiting a hCG clinic is that you will get supervision. From the start to the end of your weight loss program, you will get counseling. A professional from the clinic will help you with your diet and meet with you regularly to make sure you are on track towards your weight loss goal.

The same as other weight loss programs, supervision is favored over doing it on your own. However, after consulting your healthcare provider and he or she says that you are healthy to follow the hCG plan, you may want to embark on it alone. You can then buy the hCG injections, pills, or drops online and administer it yourself or visit a hCG clinic. No matter which way you chose, you should keep an eye on your body when you are taking the hCG hormone and following the diet plan.

Although, the hCG diet plan protocol by Dr. Simeons is adopted by most hCG clinics, they may also provide you with ideas and suggestions on how to make the food in the diet tastier and more appealing. They may also provide you with recipes or even tell you where to buy foods that are pre-packaged if you do not like to prepare the food taught in the recipes yourself.

Some of you may be those that require help during your quest to lose weight or you will not succeed. On the Internet, you will be able to find lots of guide books, forums and blogs on hCG, and everything else you need to know to follow the hCG plan on your own. However, it might be worth if you can afford to and are willing to pay for the additional supervision you will get at a hCG clinic.

On the Internet, there are scams on everything. Similarly, there may be hCG clinics that are open today and closed down the next day. Therefore, you should thoroughly check that the hCG clinic is genuinely reputable and trustworthy before paying them and trusting them with your health and weight loss plan. Please see the resource box to find the guide we recommend.

Those who have tried the hCG diet and lost weight successfully have reported very little side effects as a result of the diet. Moreover, those reported side effects are ones that can occur when you follow most of the low calorie diet plans. If you would like to know Is HCG Diet Safe and more, an excellent HCG diet guide can be found here.

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