Should you be contemplating trying to drop weight via an hCG diet plan, be informed that you need prescription level hCG for the biochemical activity of the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin to function correctly. hCG is accessible in 3 forms: injection, sublingual tablets, and drops. The original Dr Simeons weight loss protocol called for injections. The newer, contemporary versions of his protocol offer sublingual tablets, a great alternative to the injections because they are easy to take for people who are uncomfortable with needles, and you don’t have to learn how to give oneself a shot. Nonetheless, there are numerous health stores and online web-sites selling hCG diet drops which is advertised as a possible 3rd way to get hCG into your system.


Should there be concern about the quality of the hCG drops you can buy on the internet or at health food stores? Sad to say the basic answer is “Yes, you should!” With a lack of reliable data available to the consumer, people can without a doubt end up with products sold as having the hormone, hCG, when they really have either none or minute amounts. Unfortunately the delivery method found to generally have negligible amounts of the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, is hCG diet drops, which tend to be homeopathic forms. This conflict resulted in the FDA being strict at the end of 2011 on the sale of hCG, unless prescribed by a health practitioner. Supposedly all internet companies that soldg hCG products to consumers without medical supervision had to discontinue. Only authorized doctors with current DEA prescribing privileges can write a prescription for any products with actual hCG in them. The hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, is used to treat a handful of recognized medical conditions. However, the ruling did not have an impact on the sale of homeopathic drops with human chorionic gonadotropin since the tiny amounts were so insignificant.


Many men and women are not aware that prescribed hCG injections are applied in some hormone treatments and fertility solutions for both men and women. The hormone is used to treat a pituitary gland disorder, which delays male puberty. Another is problem that is treated is un-descended testes in males. The hormone in all these instances requires a prescription. There is an “under the radar” use of the hormone by a few male athletes and bodybuilders who may go on a human chorionic gonadotropin hormone regimen either for the duration of anabolic steroid use or directly after a steroid cycle. The introduction of hCG “kick starts” the body’s energy to create it’s own testosterone often enhancing the natural levels in a safe and effective way, whereas the use of steroids actually slows or stops the production of natural testosterone. The hCG enables the steroid user to get back to a common range of natural testosterone production. In all probability the most significant number of those who will get human chorionic gonadotropin are folks on weight loss plans that incorporate it as part of the regimen. When on such weight loss diet, you need to be under the supervision of a health practitioner who is prescribing hCG.


The reason why hCG diet drops are nevertheless available over the counter or on the internet is that these products are homeopathic and do not


don’t require a doctor’s prescription because there isn’t enough hcg to be about to even measure it. Do not be fooled if the homeopathic hCG diet drops say that they are made in FDA authorized laboratories. The objective of homeopathic medicine is to heal the whole person, primarily by strengthening the body’s immune system. Even with highly developed scientific technology analytical chemists may find it complicated or impossible to determine any active ingredient in the homeopathic drops.


So don’t be mistaken by hCG diet drops that consist of miniscule amounts, if any of the hormone. If you are going to take the step to lose weight, do so with a routine that is genuine and good.

Jendwe Hillarda is health writer, who covers a variety of issues including weight loss. Over the years she has written many articles for online sites including, a website that discusses their innovative hCG diet plan.

Frequently homeopathic hCG diet drops claim they are produced in FDA approved laboratories. Do not assume they consist of prescription grade amounts of hCG. Select a dependable online site such as with their new and improved hCG diet plan to locate prescription quality hCG drops you really require.

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