Welcome to slimspamedical.com home of the Superior HCG diet. We are dedicated to helping you buy this product for weight loss at the lowest price available in our website. Are you interested in buying HCG Diet for Weight Loss? We are here to help! When you combine HCG with a low calorie HCG diet program, you can expect amazing results. HCG Diet Universe is the Best Homeopathic HCG Provider in the Entire Universe. The use of HCG for weight loss in the treatment of obesity was first discovered by the late British Physician, Dr. Oz and others this HCG diet has had proven success since the early 50’s.
Slim Spa Medical takes years of intense study of the entire human body to realize the balance of metabolism & fat cells and there side-effects that can result in weight loss while staying healthy. The HCG diet was discovered quite by accident by slimspamedical.com over 50 years ago as he worked to cure malnutrition in underdeveloped villages. HCG Diet or human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone that Simeonsk discovered in pregnant women. While observing healthy women during their pregnancy, they noticed as soon as the child was born, the health of the mother began to deteriorate. There had to be a reason and this is when HCG was discovered. This naturally occurring hormone is created by the body to nourish and protect the fetus by taking the stored fat reserves and changing to nutrition for the placenta. If this new discovery could actually drain fat cells and transform to positive natural energy, it might actually help people with obesity.
There are many different kind of fat found in the human body. Structural fat is found nestled between the skin and organs and is necessary as a protective layer. Normal reserve fat is the layer that supplies the body with energy when calorie intake is too low. The abnormal fat is what forms as extra fat in hips, waist, thighs and buttocks and is not used for anything. This is the only fat that is consumed by HCG Diet. Many ask why a low calorie diet would not lead to the same results. The facts are simple. By starving your body of protein and vitamins, it will take whatever is needed from any type of fat, including structural and normal reserve fats. This is why once you stop a low calorie diet, not only are lean muscles destroyed but the weight comes back with a vengeance as abnormal fat. Nothing was really accomplished except for redistributing the fat.
HCG Diet fat release campaign consists of many different phases. The first phase consists of building up your fat reserves by eating as much as you like for two days while beginning the treatment of HCG Diet drops. After this, phase two is started. For the next 23 to 40 days, a 500-calorie diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and two meals of 3.5 oz. of protein are followed while taking the HCG. Phase three is the maintenance part of the diet and a new way of living. Each as much as you want as long as starches and sugar is eliminated.
The reason for Phase one is to get the HCG circulating in the body before the regiment begins. After two days, the human brain will have had ample time to know that the release of fat is to start adding to the fat reserves during this period is crucial by signaling the HCG of what process needs addressed. As you enter into Phase two of the program, an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day will be seen. You continue for the amount of days that it takes to get to a desired weight. Going into Phase three continue on the 500-calorie diet for two days to allow the HCG to completely leave your system. No more treatments should then be needed.
Clinics and physicians have used the HCG protocols successfully since many years. HCG Injections of this hormone in combination of a strict lean diet have brought about life changing results in many people that have tried several different diets. But this was a very expensive way to lose weight. Laboratories have now been able to create a homeopathically prepared natural medicine that can be used without the medical supervision once required.

Slimspamedical.com provides many benefits in HCG Diet, these benefits are following there.
* Testosterone levels are slightly elevated and metabolism is increased.
* A redistribution of fat is realized and one notices a decrease of flabby fatty areas
* There is no starvation from lack of calories because the body is
* Naturally fulfilled
* Fat burning without compromising muscle is produced
* An increased libido in both men and women have been reported
* A decreased craving for sweets
* Inexpensive and simple program to follow

The general concept of this diet is to balance the testosterone and estrogen and reduce the glycolic load of every meal thereby keeping insulin in midrange, by staying away from high glycolic loaded food such as bread and pasta, wheat and grain products etc and raising protein you reduce the work load for insulin etc this will give you sustained weight loss, this is pretty much of an adaption of the HCG Diet
Have you tried this product? …….! You cannot dream without trying HCG Diet.
We have hundreds of testimonials and reviews from people that have tried our HCG diet, lost weight and most importantly have kept it off in our testimonials section you will learn more about our HCG dieters’ experiences about better sleep, more energy, and the lack of hunger that is experienced while on the diet. We also work with several doctors and clinics who recommend HCG for weight loss to their patients.

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