hCG Diet: Avoiding Food Allergies on the hCG Diet- R5P2VLCD6-10

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I started this hCG diet journey with hCG injections at 172 pounds, 34.5% body fat and a size 16/18. I’m now a size 2/4 and 125 lbs or so. I’ve been cycling crossfit with the hCG diet to achieve the best body composition for myself. In 9 months of attending crossfit I have gained 12 lbs of muscle (proof by hydrostatic body fat testing). Through the hCG diet I have lost almost 40 lbs of actual fat (not just water weight or muscle)- again, proof by hydrostatic body fat testing and DEXA scan. My hydrostatic bodyfat percent started at 34.5% and I am currently 17.9% bodyfat. All fat loss was achieved with the hCG diet, scouts honor!

HCG Diet Journey: Avoiding my food intolerances on the HCG Diet- R5D6-10

Update on my 5th round of HCG Injections. As a reminder, I am taking prescription hCG, as i have with every prior round. I always test my hCG to make sure it’s potent. This particular round is my first round using ushcginjections hCG, which hCG comes from a compounding pharmacy right here in the United States. As of VLCD 11, I am down 7.4 lbs in 10 days. I’ve been eating to hunger and thus finding myself eating even less than 500 calories most days- probably more in the 400 calorie range. 125Iu has been my sweet spot dose for no hunger the past 2 rounds. I have great energy and no cravings. So I’m very happy with the way this round has been going. 127.4 this morning. I started my round at 134.2 after loading. I actually lost .6 after my first loading day. Read the rest of the article here: http://hcgchica.com/hcg-diet-journey-avoiding-my-food-intolerances-on-the-hcg-diet-r5d6-10/

Your Weight Loss Cheat Sheet

On your journey to the perfect body, your diet plan will make up the majority of your efforts. In fact, your diet will certainly have to do with 75% of all effort that you place in! That is why it is so crucial to make the correct decisions on your diet plan.

3 Reasons Why Sugar Isn’t The Energy Food You May Think It Is

Lots of people are used to having a sugar hit to provide them an increase, normally mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Muffins, delicious chocolate cookies or delicious chocolate are preferred options as well as commonly boosted with a coffee. It is true that a spike in blood sugar level will offer your brain a quick jolt or serve as a rapid gas for your muscle mass. Bicyclists that do severe range usually eat jelly beans as they come close to a steep long hillside.

Weight Loss and Sugar

Have you ever before attempted to drop weight, yet you simply can not appear to shift those last couple of extra pounds? Or possibly you are battling to drop weight – complete quit. Those cream cakes and also delicious chocolate donuts are far too scrumptious to surrender. Well, possibly you can still consume what you desire without giving up food you love. Yes, that’s best! Consume and lose weight. I recognize, you believe I am biscuits, however I am not. By stopping sugar, means you can reduce weight however you can still eat the foods you like. You just need to recognize how and that’s exactly how I am mosting likely to assist you. Very first step is to start with a Sugar Free Diet Plan.

Best Ways to Lose Weight Within a Very Short Time

Weight loss has actually been a topic extensively discussed throughout numerous balls and also as is the problem of several it need to be a topic to worry about. Numerous scientists have guessed a surge in the variety of individuals who are mosting likely to come to be obese as well as this is associated to consuming patterns that are assumed at an early age. We are going to experience a detailed procedure to weed away the excess weight and also methods on how to stop being overweight.

Slim Down Without Even Trying

Would you like to conveniently slash off extra pounds as well as slim down, beginning today? The concept of losing weight can be distressing to some ladies since it raises photos of small portions, boring food as well as most importantly, cravings discomforts. Appetite pains can be difficult to overcome, especially if you are just starting with reducing weight.

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